Upcycled Bookshelf Turned Herb Garden

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Growing Stuff
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We currently live in a house with very little yard space BUT we have a driveway and no car! I attempted container gardening last summer but it was a lot of effort, a lot of containers and just was sort of cluttered. This year , I’m trying this out and so far, so good.
This particular shelf is 9 inches deep, so works well for herbs.

I also upcycled an old armoire that had a broken leg and couldn’t be fixed into a planter for my tomatoes.
Excuse the toy clutter in the background.

The only problem I ran into is that this was pretty old and the rain warped it. I used the drawers as planters ,too, but one good rain made them fall apart. They were pretty and very Pinterest worthy (didn’t take a pic.Oops) but not functional.

Now whenever I find furniture on the side of the road ,the main thing I’m looking at is if can be turned into a raised bed-planter thingy.

  1. sophiecussen says:

    Great idea! I can imagine the rain being a problem to the wood, due to it being made for indoors. Perhaps you could cover the outside with (off the top of my head) plastic carrier bags as a protective layer?

    • Jupiter says:

      The bookshelf is hold up well. It looks like it’s pressure treated wood, though. The armoire is older and def not treated and is tongue and groove construction, so just couldn’t hold up.
      It’s become a thing where I see furniture for free on the side of the road and I curse when it’s like laminated chipboard or whatever they stuff is LOL

  2. […] composted soil mix. I like to be creative and thrifty with what I build my raised beds with… old bookshelves or dressers with the drawers removed make great frames. Last summer, I tore apart an old couch… the wooden frame looks like it’ll make a nice […]

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