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We currently live in a house with very little yard space BUT we have a driveway and no car! I attempted container gardening last summer but it was a lot of effort, a lot of containers and just was sort of cluttered. This year , I’m trying this out and so far, so good.
This particular shelf is 9 inches deep, so works well for herbs.

I also upcycled an old armoire that had a broken leg and couldn’t be fixed into a planter for my tomatoes.
Excuse the toy clutter in the background.

The only problem I ran into is that this was pretty old and the rain warped it. I used the drawers as planters ,too, but one good rain made them fall apart. They were pretty and very Pinterest worthy (didn’t take a pic.Oops) but not functional.

Now whenever I find furniture on the side of the road ,the main thing I’m looking at is if can be turned into a raised bed-planter thingy.