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5 Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands Hiding in Busy Cities |

Designer chiu chih created this visionary ‘voyage on the planet’ project that imagines life on a planet with deteriorating air quality and a changed landscape.

Go here to see all the photos: chiu chih’s survival kit for the ever-changing planet.

Theater Set Designer  Johanna Mårtensson decided to create a living demonstration of how cities would look decaying without man. She used bread to build the cities then over the course of six months, took a photo each day. This is what it looks like:
Johanna Mårtensson decor photoinstallation city made from bread mold decay 1


Her artists statement reads: Within 500 years all buildings would be half-fallen or fallen, perfect homes for animals and plants. The forest would soon grow in cities. Afterhand, buildings as well as pollutions would be taken care of by bacteria and micro-organisms. A UFO that came here in a couple of hundred thousand years would not see many signs that a gang of primates once thought that they were the lords of the planet.


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10 person morgue drawer and autopsy table at a State Lunatic Asylum. At one point the campus consisted of 70+ buildings on 800+ acres of land. At its peak the hospital housed over 5000 patients.

    Every part of abandoned asylums are creepy but especially the morgues *shudder*



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Abandoned amusement parks creep me the fuck out. I look at these photos of roller coasters overtaken by massive vines of kudzu and lifeless rusty bumper cars and I hear shadows of stupid wonky music they play at carnivals and giddy ,thrilled screaming.  These images are vivid reminders that the ride ends for all of us at some point. Kudos, Mother Nature. With you the fun never ends.

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There’s also images on one on my post about Chernobyl

Chippewa Lake Park in Chippewa Lake, Ohio

Heritage USA…Jim Bakker’s Christian theme park

Storybook Land – in Woodbridge, Virginia

South Korea

Benson’s Wild Animal Park – Hudson, NH

Fairy Tale Forest Oak Ridge, NJ