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Shawna Coronado is one of my favorite garden bloggers…and that was before this stellar zombie themed wall art.

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These are questions that need to be answered.


I have been pulled into a lot of conspiracy theory discussions recently. I love a good conspiracy theory but I’m aware of how crazy I might sound when I start talking about one I actually believe,so I tend to precede the discussion by saying, “There are some people who think…”. Then, maybe it’s not as obvious that I might fall into that category of Some People. And now that you all know I use that technique to throw people off the track of my crazy train, I will now precede all conversations regarding conspiracy theories with that statement. You will never know if I belong to the Some People group or not.

I may or may not be writing this while wearing a tin foil hat.

I plan on covering some conspiracy theories here on this blog that deal with the end of the world or orchestrated decline into a dystopian society. You may also want to gran a tinfoil  hat for those future posts. If you’re new to tinfoil hat making, this guy does an easy tutorial.



"And I would've gotten away with the nuclear war too, if not for you meddling kids!"

“And I would’ve gotten away with the nuclear war too, if not for you meddling kids!”


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Oh,man. I was sure this was fake but it turns out a zombie apocalypse plan was discussed in the Canadian Parliament.

There’s video of it,too but the gif is way funnier because it looks like it’s all very serious and impassioned. It really wasn’t. Fine, Canada….

go ahead and laugh now but come Z Day, you’ll be scrambling to tighten up your borders!

Downton Zombey

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Humor, Pop Culture, Zombies
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Animated parody of Downton Abbey, with zombies. Of course.

Zombie Perfume

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Humor, Zombies

Zombie Perfume