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Early man walked away as modern man took control.
Their minds werent all the same, to conquer was his big goal,
So he built his great empire and slaughtered his own kind,
Then he died a confused man, killed himself with his own mind.

Were only gonna die from our own arrogance.


In a great interview with Bad Religion frontman and “Punk Professor” Greg Graffin, he has a lot of interesting things to say about doomsday prophecies, climate change, and the end of mankind.

What he says about government funded research and studies is also pretty interesting:

You mentioned climate change earlier as the bigger problem. A recent New Scientist story stated how scientists are being asked not to use the phrase ‘death spiral’ (to describe the cause and effect of climate change – i.e. the melting of arctic ice which is in turn affecting weather streams and patterns and causing weather extremes) in fear that it may cause mass panic.

GG: Oh man, I get sick and tired of public relations on that front. Obviously certain scientists are speaking on a public policy rule so they need to interact with Washington. In fact a big department of our government, the National Science Foundation, gives a huge amount of money to research, which is paid by taxes. So when you’re taking money from the National Science Foundation, you kind of lose your privilege to speak as scientists in so many ways, because it’s the government who decides if something is too controversial – like evolution or climate change – because you have to follow certain guidelines in your publications. I’ve been much happier to avoid that kind of communication in my science work and my public presentations.

So because of the way your research is funded, the results are compromised?

GG: Exactly – but it’s not the results that are compromised, it’s the presentation of those results. Here’s a good example: we just had that terrible school shooting. The FBI record every murder and they detail what firearm was used in every murder – it’s a very extensive database. However, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has lobbied to make laws so that it’s illegal for any citizen to have access to that information. So even though the results of the study are very clear, the data is sitting in a vault somewhere and nobody can report on it. So all these statistics you hear about handguns or assault rifles – all that data is locked away and it’s just a big public relations spin.


I’ve always been skeptical of figures thrown out in the gun control debates. So,there’s that.



I have been pulled into a lot of conspiracy theory discussions recently. I love a good conspiracy theory but I’m aware of how crazy I might sound when I start talking about one I actually believe,so I tend to precede the discussion by saying, “There are some people who think…”. Then, maybe it’s not as obvious that I might fall into that category of Some People. And now that you all know I use that technique to throw people off the track of my crazy train, I will now precede all conversations regarding conspiracy theories with that statement. You will never know if I belong to the Some People group or not.

I may or may not be writing this while wearing a tin foil hat.

I plan on covering some conspiracy theories here on this blog that deal with the end of the world or orchestrated decline into a dystopian society. You may also want to gran a tinfoil  hat for those future posts. If you’re new to tinfoil hat making, this guy does an easy tutorial.



My Prepping Partner For Life knows someone who straight up believes all of this to be absolutely true. I’m ridiculously altruistic and naive ,so “they” could be herding us all into these  internment death camps and I would convince myself  we were being given membership to an exclusive community established to be a government experiment on sustainable communities.

The scary thing of course is that if you listen to George Green, you can imagine that it could be true, especially if you exist in part of society that seems to be under class warfare right now. For example, there IS enough food in the world to end world hunger. Those who control the financial & political pictures simply are preventing it from happening.

If all of what George Green says is true,it would be like some of the most terrifying dystopian science fiction coming to fruition. For my sanity’s sake, we’ll file this under conspiracy theory and nothing more than that.

Now,excuse me while I go find a unicorn.



The song tells a story about a secret military plan to create a sound that is strong and horrible  enough to kill people. Spoiler alert: nearly everyone dies.

The video conceptualizes the song plot and includes appearances from Dawn FrenchHugh LaurieRichard VernonPeter Vaughan and Del Palmer. Bush appears on screen as an orderly officer serving tea, as the sound creature and at the end entering a van. The video was banned from Top of The Pops because it was considered too violent.