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Butchering Chickens: Tips from the Trenches | Attainable Sustainable.

Vine-Covered Chicken Run

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Food, Homesteading

Pretty sweet. Gives chickens shade & safety

via Murray McMurray Hatchery

This is such a great idea, especially if you don’t have a basement.

Details on how -to at Joyful Home.

▶ Wheelbarrow Internal Combustion Engine – Poland Style (Original) – YouTube

This would make a lot of jobs around the garden much easier…and more fun.

Some of these design plans are dreamy.

1 Acre Farm

10,000-square-foot Solviva Greenhouse and 10 walk-in Solviva Coldframes,
plus outdoor growing beds, plus grazing areas for chickens and sheep, plus Store and Visitor Center.
No heating fuel or grid electricity. No toxic pesticides or water pollution.

Solviva Solargreen Home,
southwest adobe style

The Solviva Backyard Food Factory: northeast view.
Vegetables, eggs, chicken year-round, without heating fuel or grid electricity or pesticides or pollution.

The Solviva Backyard Food Factory: southeast view.
It even has a small hottub and sitting area.

via Solviva – Sustainable Solar-Dynamic Bio-Benign Design: Offering Better Ways to Live, at Less Cost Today and Tomorrow, Anywhere on Earth.


via Recycled ,UpCycled, Freecycled garden projects.

I have no idea what you’re practical post-apocalyptic application could be here but there’s probably gonna be plastic jugs and stuff you need to clean up . I guess.


Top 100 Gardening Blogs To Follow In 2013 | 

And these really ARE all great gardening/ homesteading/growing things blogs!


Got Weeds? Use Vinegar.

Ooh. Stacked for not only more storage but greater water pressure.


via Concha’s Cauldron: Got Rain? Season 2.



I wish I could make this bigger for ya’ll. I think you can still make out the basics.

[via Afristar Foundation ]