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Oh,man. I was sure this was fake but it turns out a zombie apocalypse plan was discussed in the Canadian Parliament.

There’s video of it,too but the gif is way funnier because it looks like it’s all very serious and impassioned. It really wasn’t. Fine, Canada….

go ahead and laugh now but come Z Day, you’ll be scrambling to tighten up your borders! zombies (passive voice)


Brilliant.Must remember this trick when helping my young writers with their homework or creative writing.


Practical Post-Apocalyptic Application: The zombies know exactly where they stand with this guy. Picked first on everyone’s Zombie Slaying team because clearly…he has this diagram cheat sheet on his hand of how it’s done,sooo…. how hard is it to fuck that up?

Current World Application:  If this guy goes in for a job interview,  an employer may consider, “Hey,this guy seems to know the general idea of how to kill zombies. He might be a good guy to have around.” Instant hire.




Someone hacked a TV stations Emergency Broadcast System to tell everyone that the dead were rising from their graves and attacking the living. C’mon, you guys! Haven’t you ever heard the story of The Boy Who Cried Zombie? Very clever but really…if you pull too many pranks like this, we won’t believe you when it’s really happening.



This is the start of a new feature here on the blog…People You Should Know. These are people you should get to know to better your chances of survival  for when TSHTF.

This is a great post from Joni Rae at Tales From A Kitchen Witch about her family’s Zombie Contingency Plan.

Read it here:

Our Zombie Contingency Plan

Or what we will do when we have to get the heck out of Dodge!


I need to re-vamp our own family plan. So far, this is all I’ve got:



Nice graphic posters to help you identify threat of zombies!

[via Shoot for the Head ]

To see all the helpful field guide tips, go to Zombie Survival Field Manual.

Map of the Dead is an interactive map that highlights zombie danger zones, as well as liquor stores, gun stores, police stations, and other zombie points of interest.

Really great idea but it obviously needs some tweaking or only works well if you’re already in a largely populated area. For instance, I typed in my address and I’m pretty much just standing out there in the middle of nowhere, with nothing around me – even though I can see the police station and liquor store in my town from my house. Also, the points of interest highlighted in my nearest city are not the points of interests I would immediately think of. The map doesn’t even highlight the hospital (important for raiding medical supplies) or even the shopping malls and sporting goods stores. The urologist’s office is highlighted,though. You know…in case anyone needs to do a DIY vasectomy reversal so they can repopulate the world.

Still, it’s a neat idea…and there’s a game coming this summer.

There’s also a survival pack giveaway to enter.25 lucky winners receive:

  • The Walking Dead t-shirt, messenger bag, and copy of volume one signed by Robert Kirkman.
  • A Griffin Survivor military-grade iPhone 4/4S case.
  • A printed map of your city or town.

Hey, I didn’t say there were things in that giveaway that could actually help you survive but it’s still some cool shit.