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Survival – Safety Skills Every Child Should Know

Most of these are common sense but good reminders of basic things we need to make sure our children know. Prepping Partner for Life and I sometimes joke about dropping the kids off in the woods to see if they can find their way home. Amazingly, they do not suggest this as a tactic for teaching children navigation skills but I still don’t think it’s a terrible idea.

Just kidding. Sort of.

I think this is….real. Maybe. The designer collective that created them, Sibling Nation, calls these The Walking Shelter. You just pull a tent….or parts of a tent?…out of these ugly ass shoes …and set up camp. 

It looks sooooo cozy.
I bet it’s a pain in the ass to tear down camp. You know how tents never fit back in the bag exactly right? Ugh, can you imagine?

Walking Shelter: Sneakers With A Built In Tent.



[via Preparing for SHTF ]


They forgot wear it as a halter top like a real Survivor!



This could be very handy in a situation where you realize too late you have packed all sorts of canned foods in your Bug Out Bag but forgot a can opener. Doh! Or just when your toddler is going through this phase where he likes to take random things and hide them in his Buzz Lightyear backpack.


This one is using just a soon:


This one you can do without any other tools. He does use a knife in it at the end once the can is opened but you could figure out something else to use if you didn’t have a knife.


This is the start of a new feature here on the blog…People You Should Know. These are people you should get to know to better your chances of survival  for when TSHTF.

This is a great post from Joni Rae at Tales From A Kitchen Witch about her family’s Zombie Contingency Plan.

Read it here:

Our Zombie Contingency Plan

Or what we will do when we have to get the heck out of Dodge!


I need to re-vamp our own family plan. So far, this is all I’ve got:




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If you have doubts about your survival come Z Day…never fear – There’s a zombie killer in all of us.

Some bad-ass but basic tools required.