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New SARS-like virus shows person-to-person transmission – Yahoo! News.

“The risk is low but viruses can mutate”

My desk calendar reminded me this week that it’s the 35th Anniversary of Stephen King’s The Stand. My brain is just hearing the “viruses can mutate” part.

If this thing blows up to the point where everyone is wearing masks, I’m going to wear something like this…. and a T-shirt that says, “Mustache Rides: 25¢ ”

Medical Masks


It’s actually a song about love and suicide but the opening credits to The Stand have designated  “Don’t Fear the Reaper”  as an iconic song to mark an apocalypse.  Those opening credits , with the lifeless bodies of people who seemed to very suddenly stop being among the living, set against the backdrop of  All our times have come,Here but now they’re gone.Seasons don’t fear the reaper,Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain… works remarkably well. Arguably, it’s the best part of the miniseries.  Especially if you’ve re-watched it recently and realize how terrible much of it is.

Watch the opening scene on youtube…then go read the book.