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Indestructable Cabin: Steel-Clad Apocalypse Home on Stilts | Urbanist.

I think I may add these to my list of places to go hang out at when the SHTF. I’d have to do a thorough cleansing first,though. Remind me to pack a smudging stick in my bug-out bag.

All that space they have and not a single garden? Putting greens and lawns. Pfft. Guess she’s not going to be ready when the shit hits the fan.

I think this is….real. Maybe. The designer collective that created them, Sibling Nation, calls these The Walking Shelter. You just pull a tent….or parts of a tent?…out of these ugly ass shoes …and set up camp. 

It looks sooooo cozy.
I bet it’s a pain in the ass to tear down camp. You know how tents never fit back in the bag exactly right? Ugh, can you imagine?

Walking Shelter: Sneakers With A Built In Tent.

I heard this rumor that zombies can’t swim.  This might be the place to chill during a zombie apocalypse. Or any kind of apocalypse. The villa is  just off the coast of Honduras (yay, sun!) and  is situated abover an abundant natural reef (yay,fish!). Plenty of space,too…6 large rooms, each with a private bath & balcony.









You’ve probably seen this meme…or one similar…featuring Papa John’s founder John Schantter’s estate. Most of the Internet looks at it and says, “Oh my god, what an asshole!”. I look at it and say, “Holy shit, that place would be awesome to head to when the shit hits the fan!”

Granted, we would need to create a sustainable power grid ….and if Mr Schnatter is among the survivors, we’d have to figure out what to do with him (do we let him pitch a tent by the lake? Maybe he can have his own room and earn his keep as resident pizza maker?) .  Those things aside, it’s a great property.

Property details: 40,000 square foot mega mansion has a multi-level,subterranean garage with 22 parking spaces and an indoor car wash. The subterranean feature could have some very handy uses and not just for fancy cars. Lots of green spaces to be converted to food production. That pond/lake feature could be stocked with fish.It’s located in Kentucky ,not a locale known for being cultured (as if that matters post-apo) but it could have it’s perks. Fairly moderate climate with adequate rainfall, not prone to earthquakes ,hurricanes and whatnot. Pretty ideal, if you ask me.



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