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[via Tiny Nomad ]

In Russia, 400…er ….700? ….a lot of  people were injured when meteorites crashed to earth in what one science guy on the news called  “an exploding fireball event” . The injuries were mostly due to broken glass and fallen debris from damaged buildings. At least three are listed in serious condition.

In this video, you can hear a very loud boom  from the impact of the meteor.

This one,too…and I think I can hear the sonic boom?

According to some shaky news sources, there have been 3 impact sites identified and the Russian space agency Roskosmos has confirmed the object that crashed in the Chelyabinsk region is a meteorite:

“According to preliminary estimates, this space object is of non-technogenic origin and qualifies as a meteorite. It was moving at a low trajectory with a speed of about 30 km/s.” 

Science People talking about this say this sort of event is extremely rare but hey…. building a bunker is never a bad idea, just in case.