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Tear gas and pepper spray 101, from Occupy Oakland… | Tips for Radicals.

Tear gas and pepper spray 101, from Occupy Oakland Medic Collective. USA-centric, but still relevant to lots of other countries.

Tear gas and medical info for protesters, by Starhawk. Quite detailed, goes into respirators and stocking a protest first aid kit.

Who should avoid tear gas, by the Black Cross Health Collective. Contains useful health warnings, and also a bit more on remedies.

I think it’s interesting that one of these links is from Starhawk . Some comments on the original thread I grabbed this from dismissed the suggestion of Rescue Remedy. For anyone who doesn’t know what Rescue Remedy is, it’s a homeopathic blend of diluted Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, and Clematis . These flowers are thought to have “vibrational energies” that are useful for when people need calming or have had a shock to their system, both physically and emotionally.  Personally, I’m not a huge believer in homeopathy but I know people who swear by Rescue Remedy and always have some on hand. 


I have been pulled into a lot of conspiracy theory discussions recently. I love a good conspiracy theory but I’m aware of how crazy I might sound when I start talking about one I actually believe,so I tend to precede the discussion by saying, “There are some people who think…”. Then, maybe it’s not as obvious that I might fall into that category of Some People. And now that you all know I use that technique to throw people off the track of my crazy train, I will now precede all conversations regarding conspiracy theories with that statement. You will never know if I belong to the Some People group or not.

I may or may not be writing this while wearing a tin foil hat.

I plan on covering some conspiracy theories here on this blog that deal with the end of the world or orchestrated decline into a dystopian society. You may also want to gran a tinfoil  hat for those future posts. If you’re new to tinfoil hat making, this guy does an easy tutorial.