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If the post-apo world turns out to be a watery affair, here’s an idea: Live on a tugboat and grow your food on a greenhouse barge.


The hydroponic system on the Greenhouse Barge

The Science Barge is a prototype sustainable urban farm developed by NY Sun Works and acquired by Groundwork Hudson Valley in October, 2008 to be operated as an environmental education center.

The Science Barge greenhouse, floating on the Hudson River, grows an abundance of fresh produce including tomatoes, melons, greens, and lettuce with zero net carbon emissions, zero pesticides, and zero runoff. All of the energy needed to power the Barge is generated by solar panels, wind turbines, and biofuels while the hydroponic greenhouse is irrigated solely by collected  rainwater and purified river water, thus operating completely “off the grid.” It is the only fully functioning demonstration of renewable energy supporting sustainable food production in New York.

The Science Barge is 1,300 square feet of protected, season-extending growing space on the Science Barge can grow as much as an acre of land. This means having the ability to grow 35 tons of tomatoes in just 3% the space traditional farming requires.

Mother and daughter checking out the cukes. Photo via AIDG’s flickr