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10 Best Guns for Women

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Weaponry
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Zombie Survival Tips

Gun Control

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Weaponry, Zombies
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This may or may not reflect how I feel. It uses zombies as a hypothetical scenario. That’s the relevancy factor here.

Weaponry, including guns, is something I will continue to post about on this blog, despite the sensitivity of the gun control issue.  I deal with hypothetical scenarios here. Hypothetical scenarios during a post-apocalyptic world. Laws as they exist in the society we have now are irrelevant and there’s no point in having The Debate.




If you don’t like guns,though…here’s a practical solution. (Dude, I totally wish …)

8 Must-Have Guns for the Doomsday Prepper – Guns & Ammo.

There are a number of ways the world could end: nuclear terrorism, an asteroid strike, a massive natural disaster or even the zombie apocalypse — hey, they’re in the Bible. Regardless of how society crumbles, (there’s been plenty of TV coverage lately on the subject) if civilization hits the fan you better be armed appropriately. Here are our top eight guns to survive the End of Days.

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Not as prepared as these guys,though.

Gun enthusiasts Eric and Barry of Moss Pawn in Georgia built an “Ultimate AR-15″ rifle especially designed for fighting zombies. The 23 pound gun carries 3 lasers, 4 flashlights, and 9 30 round magazines.