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Well, this looks like a great idea…but I can’t figure out how they did it. Maybe they boxed the back in? I come across a ton of old shutters in free piles. It would be great to find a way to reuse them.

via Recyclart !.

Shawna Coronado is one of my favorite garden bloggers…and that was before this stellar zombie themed wall art.

How To Do Zombie Garden Wall Art via

7 Reasons Why You Need to Start Saving Seeds Today | No Ordinary Homestead

BESIDES preparing for post-apo times, there’s other reasons,too.

If you’re giving them as a gift, making hand decorated or computer printed seed packets are fun.
These made by alisa burke are beautiful.

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If you’re looking for a variety of envelopes, ask one of your local stores that sells greeting cards if you can have the cast-offs to recycle. The greeting card companies ask the retailers to send the actual cards back or destroy them when the cards are out of season but the envelopes are usually tossed in the garbage or recycling. Some stores gladly give whole boxes away instead of having to deal with the waste.

▶ Wheelbarrow Internal Combustion Engine – Poland Style (Original) – YouTube

This would make a lot of jobs around the garden much easier…and more fun.


True story. Yet those plastic fuckers will survive most post-apo scenarios. Well… the ones that don’t involve plastic melting flames and scorching heat.

But you’ll have to grow food and you’ll have enough to do without trying to guess which shit you planted where. This are cooler than Popsicle sticks because they’ll last year after year.

Start hoarding the Sharpies now. You’ll need them.




Top 100 Gardening Blogs To Follow In 2013 | 

And these really ARE all great gardening/ homesteading/growing things blogs!

Ooh. Stacked for not only more storage but greater water pressure.


via Concha’s Cauldron: Got Rain? Season 2.