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by Michael Farris Smith

via James L. Thane: A Harrowing Tale of Life Below the Line


This is a post-apocalyptic tale that will remind many readers of Cormac McCarthy’s book, The Road. It’s set in a not too far-distant future when, presumably because of climate change, the Gulf Coast from Florida across to Texas has become a soggy, desolate area of constant rain and storms where the sun never shines. Katrina-like hurricanes have repeatedly devastated the region to the point where rebuilding no longer makes any sense. ….



One of my favorite books about gardening in my own collection is Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening. The Square Foot method is great if you’re gardening in a limited space or just want to use your space more efficiently. It’s the perfect book for someone who is just beginning to garden,too. Once you learn the techniques covered in the book, it becomes an integral part of the way you always garden.

So, I’m really excited to be able to give a perfect yet sustainable (that’s my fancy way of saying this book is used but looks like it’s brand spankin’ new) copy away!

Giveaway begins Tuesday ,April 16th at Noon and ends Friday, April 26th at midnight. Use the form below to enter. Good luck!

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The Winter 2012 issue of Lucky Peach is all Apocalypse related.I can’t wait to get my hands on this ! (um,but I’m poor so I usually get my magazines from the magazine exchange shelf. Hopefully someone in my area chooses to toss their copy onto the exchange shelf instead of saving it for kindling .)

Here’s a 6-second look at the whole issue.


Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter
Novella writes about her experiences farming in a rough section of Oakland with wit,humor and poignancy. I appreciate not only her sense of humor, but also her determined spirit. There’s useful info and inspiration in here ,too. In her urban setting, she manages to raise livestock, grow vegetables, keep bees and even forages for wilds.

I blogged on my personal blog about this book.Twice, I liked it so much.



Sweet Tooth is a comic series by Jeff Lemire. People (and by people, I mean reviewers) like to call this “Mad Max meets Bambi” or “Mad Max with antlers”.

It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where all babies born are an animal-human hybrid. The series focuses on one such child, named Sweet Tooth by the  enigmatic bounty hunter/badass/savior Jeppard, an ex-hockey player whose mission in this new world unfolds throughout.


The story is a nice twist on the  post-apocalyptic theme. There’s a sickness that decimates the population but not only that, all new babies born are animal hybrids.  Scientists and militia become the enemy in this world, harming women & children for the sake of finding  a cause and a cure. Unlikely men and women become heroes. The characters are scarred and imperfect with deeply emotional histories that they bring to their survival mode.  The post-apocalyptic vision here is gritty and full of distrust and danger ,yet there is hope found throughout.