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Sweet Tooth is a comic series by Jeff Lemire. People (and by people, I mean reviewers) like to call this “Mad Max meets Bambi” or “Mad Max with antlers”.

It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where all babies born are an animal-human hybrid. The series focuses on one such child, named Sweet Tooth by the  enigmatic bounty hunter/badass/savior Jeppard, an ex-hockey player whose mission in this new world unfolds throughout.


The story is a nice twist on the  post-apocalyptic theme. There’s a sickness that decimates the population but not only that, all new babies born are animal hybrids.  Scientists and militia become the enemy in this world, harming women & children for the sake of finding  a cause and a cure. Unlikely men and women become heroes. The characters are scarred and imperfect with deeply emotional histories that they bring to their survival mode.  The post-apocalyptic vision here is gritty and full of distrust and danger ,yet there is hope found throughout.