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Women Born Transsexual

From Salon:

Tracing the full implications of a post-antibiotic future

Lindsay Abrams
Wednesday, Nov 20, 2013

In the United States, 2 million people are infected with drug-resistant “superbugs” every year, and at least 23,000 die as a result. Such numbers, journalist Maryn McKenna suggests, will seem trivial if we reach the point when all antibiotics are no longer effective — something that’s on track to become a reality.

Considering the full implications of a post-antibiotic era, McKenna concludes that it wouldn’t be so different from the apocalypse. And to know what we’re facing, we need only look at where we’ve come from:

Before antibiotics, five women died out of every 1,000 who gave birth. One out of nine people who got a skin infection died, even from something as simple as a scrape or an insect bite. Three out of ten people who contracted pneumonia died from it. Ear…

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B u t t e r f l y ƸӜƷ S a m u r a i

Sex is a major trope in the horror genre. In a slasher film? Better not have premarital sex. In a vampire movie? That vampire probably wants to sleep with you. Relationships and sex can be used a variety of ways in horror films including being a vehicle to move the story along, Usually, sex is punishable by death in many horror sub-genres. The zombie genre, however, tends to look at sex a little differently.

Wildly popular now, zombies are the new vampire. They are taking over. Cities across the country have massive zombie walks. The Walking Dead has become a top rated comic and hit television show. Novels, video games, and many more have tackled this subject in a variety of interesting ways. Zombies have been around for a long time, but nowadays they have become a driving force in entertainment media. George A. Romero’s 1968 Night of the Living…

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Homestead Honey

Week One of living on the land. It has been so wonderful.  Truly, just so lovely to fall asleep here each night, listening to the sounds of owls, crickets, frogs, and birds.  So nice to stay late after dinner without worrying about rushing back to town to get the kids fed and put to bed.  So easy to wake up in the morning and jump right into the tasks at hand.

The biggest task this week has been setting up our outdoor kitchen. Imagine trying to fit the contents of your home kitchen into an outdoor space, in a neat, organized, weather-proof, and critter-proof way. Imagine cooking all your meals almost entirely from scratch without hot running water, refrigeration, or the type of cook stove or oven you’re used to.  This is what some of our neighbors have been doing for years, and this is our new reality.

Brian and…

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Afraid of canning?

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