How much does a cob house cost?

Posted: May 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

gather and grow

I’m probably not the only one for whom one of the main draws of small-scale natural building — besides low environmental impact, aesthetic value, and non-toxic building materials — is that such a house can cost considerably less than a conventionally built house. That one could build a home practically debt-free. But it’s hard to find actual estimates for how much a cob house, for example, might end up costing. I want to share here my research-in-progress in case it may be useful for some of you. (I focus on cob building; the situation may be very different in case of straw bale houses, log cabins, earthships etc.)

cob-2First, a sobering note I’ve heard from the lips of many experienced builders: a natural building can cost as much as a conventional custom-built home if you have someone else do all the work of designing and building it. More often than…

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