How they’re planning to kill us all

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Government Conspiracies
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My Prepping Partner For Life knows someone who straight up believes all of this to be absolutely true. I’m ridiculously altruistic and naive ,so “they” could be herding us all into these  internment death camps and I would convince myself  we were being given membership to an exclusive community established to be a government experiment on sustainable communities.

The scary thing of course is that if you listen to George Green, you can imagine that it could be true, especially if you exist in part of society that seems to be under class warfare right now. For example, there IS enough food in the world to end world hunger. Those who control the financial & political pictures simply are preventing it from happening.

If all of what George Green says is true,it would be like some of the most terrifying dystopian science fiction coming to fruition. For my sanity’s sake, we’ll file this under conspiracy theory and nothing more than that.

Now,excuse me while I go find a unicorn.



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