Dear Higgs-Boson, You are a life ruiner.

Posted: February 21, 2013 in It Came From Outer Space
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If Higgs Boson Calculations Are Right, A Catastrophic ‘Bubble’ Could End Universe

This has to be the worst news all week for Preppers everywhere.

‘The universe wants to be in a different state, so eventually to realize that, a little bubble of what you might think of as an alternate universe will appear somewhere, and it will spread out and destroy us.'”

According to Discovery News, Lykken said if this happens, it’ll happen at light speed, which means if anyone is around to witness it — our solar system will be long gone — they’ll be gone before they realize it.

All this prepping for nothing. The world may end faster than anyone can say, “Quick! Let’s get to the Bug Out Shelter!” and none of us will be around to put all those  jars of canned butter and hoarded cans of soup to real use. Oh, Higgs-Boson, how you make me evaluate the true meaning of life.

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