Natural Contraceptives

Posted: December 7, 2012 in Wellness & Healing
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Good luck finding someone to fill your script when TSHTF, ladies.

Ladies, you’re going to need to know this stuff for when The Shit Hits The Fan.

The premise that you’ll be wanting to breed like rabbits to repopulate the planet may not be so appealing in an unstable environment but never fear…you don’t have to use Lysol as birth control (yes, assuming you could find Lysol ).

Gaia Health Blog contributor  has some natural remedies that I can attest are some great (though not foolproof,of course) natural contraception methods. He covers The fertility awareness methods (FAMs) ,The basal body temperature (BBT) method, The mucus inspection method, The symptothermal method Lactational infertility,and natural spermicides. Read the whole article here

A quick word on lactational infertility and why I wholeheartedely agree with the advisement given in the article….

My own OB-GYN doctor used this method after the birth of her first child. 10 months later, her second son was born. So, there ya go….not really a reliable method. I know some women who swear it has worked for them, so individual results may vary.



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